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We offer a variety of consulting services in the sales, manufacturing, and operations areas to help grow your business and make you better at what you already do well.

Channel Management

Entering a new channel can be daunting. Ritter Solutions can minimize your risk and investment, while maximizing your results.  Whether it's helping to select a new sales channel,  designing an appropriate approach to that sales channel, or executing on that approach, we're here to support you.

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Market Analysis
Competitive Analysis

We will thoroughly study the market for your product or service.  We'll benchmark your offering against those of your competitors to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and gauge customer expectations. 

Cost Modeling

We can develop a cost model for new or existing products.  We'll perform a make/buy analysis where appropriate, and component/labor/contract pricing for your desired manufacturing situation, highlighting opportunities to address fluctuations in demand, lower cost, and increase quality.

Discussing the Numbers
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Pricing is a multifaceted process.  We can help make it simple, understandable, and empower you with a way to make data-driven profitable pricing an ongoing part of your business.  We'll perform a price analysis, identify opportunities for switching pricing models, and ultimately help guide your team into a pricing process that meets all your business needs.

Sales & Operations Planning

We'll equip your business with a customer-focused methodology for aggregating sales, marketing, development, manufacturing, sourcing, and financial plans to produce a definitive statement of the business’s plan in the near to intermediate operating horizon.  This process links the strategic plans for the business with its execution and enables continuous improvement. We'll help you identify what matters to your business, break that down into functional goals for each business function, and ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Analysing Data
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We'll implement a Power BI based solution that can tie all of your business reporting inputs together, from spreadsheets to software into a report that is with you on the go, or at your desk, giving you a live view of the heartbeat of your business.

Sales Strategy

We'll help you identify an appropriate go-to-market strategy for your product or service, and help you implement it.

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Process Improvement

We'll study your process, map it out, identify, and help you eliminate poor quality, low value-add portions of your Sales, Operational, or Manufacturing process.  We can help you visualize your process with value stream mapping, and hone your process to deliver a superior customer experience.

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