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Leverage our lighting industry expertise in the energy efficiency space to help grow your business, and bring much needed clarity to an overly complex side of lighting.

Construction Worker
Facility Auditing

We can dispatch a knowledgeable salesperson to perform a walk-through of your client's location, cataloging existing interior and exterior lighting systems using industry leading software; and explain the costs, benefits, and features of your proposed lighting solutions.

An example lighting layout design
Lighting Layout Design

We specialize in LED retrofit design with AGi32, balancing cost of equipment, labor, and quality of light to meet your client's needs.

Organized Files
Utility Rebate Program Management

Keep your sales force and project management teams engaged and on mission by letting us handle your utility rebates for you.  With solutions for instant (midstream/upstream) rebates, prescriptive, and custom rebates, we can work with any utility in the U.S. to help make sure you get paid faster, and get full payment for all your utility incentive projects.  Our rebate solutions are ideal for a range of clients including lighting manufacturers, electrical distributors, lighting agencies, and electrical contractors.

Architectural Pendant Lights
Utility Rebate Channel Management

We can help growing lighting manufacturers navigate the confusing world of which products to list, what listings to target, and how to market the energy efficiency benefits of your products so that you can maximize sales that result from participation in electric utility sponsored incentives and rebates.